The do’s and don’ts of scissor lift hire

If you have an upcoming job that requires you to be lifted off the ground, consider renting a scissor lift.

What is a scissor lift?

These machines have different names, the most common being aerial work platform, aerial work platform (EWP) and mobile aerial work platform (MAEP). Workers using these machines sometimes refer to them as “aerial work platforms” and “scissor lifts.” This type of equipment gets its name from the struts under the work platform, which look like scissors that open and close. The more the struts are closed, the higher the platform will rise.

Facts about aerial work platforms

Aerial work platforms come in many sizes and are powered by electricity or gasoline. The smaller versions are ideal for homeowner use, while the larger models are generally used on maintenance and construction sites to transport people or pallets of materials to different levels. Some of these aerial work platforms include outlets for electric generators and air compressors for the use of power tools on the construction site.


Most Cherry Picker Hire Lincoln have two control panels, one on the bottom of the unit and one on the platform. In the event of a power outage, operators are equipped with an emergency release handle to safely release the pressure holding the platform to make a smooth transition back to ground level. If the person on the machine is injured, the operator on the ground can lower the person and seek medical attention. This allows two people to work together safely.

Why use a scissor lift?

The advantages of an elevator are speed and safety. A cherry picker allows you to work safely in the air on a sturdy platform, giving you access to hard-to-reach areas. Small versions allow homeowners and their tools to move indoors and out. This way you can access high points such as gutters, high shelves in your store or equipment mounted on the roof. You can also clean windows, repair roofs, and trim trees. These machines are a temporary but flexible way to get your job done avoiding the hazards of ladders or scaffolding. Electric lifts also allow you to work without using fuel.

Most companies that rent a scissor lift will deliver and pick up the unit. If you have a major job that requires you to use a ladder, choose a scissor lift near you to get the job done quickly and safely.

There are many things to consider when choosing scissor lifts; you should buy a product with an elevated standard of performance, safety and stability. Depending on the purpose, choose a machine that can withstand high temperatures, acidic elements and water. Stainless steel elevators are the excellent option, but certainly more expensive. Also keep in mind that if you want to expand your elevator, you will have to pay an extra amount for the extra scissors to be brought in. Moving elevators that come together with a wheel drive in the front are more expensive than elevators that are stationary.

By choosing elevators that have an extendable bar around them, you can prevent injuries such as clothing or limbs from getting caught by the scissors as it expands.

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